Follow In Truth is a page dedicated to giving the real truth about the Bible and what it says. It’s mission is to teach this real truth. It is not interested in traditions or in what older more reliable “Christians” and “Church fathers” of yesteryear taught.  Many of the teachings here go against both of these. It is not interested in being popular or liked. It doesn’t care if it goes against what YOU believe or if YOU think it is wrong if that is the case then please let us know WHY Follow In Truth is incorrect and YOU are correct. It does not care if the majority believes. It does not care what your pastor told you. It is ONLY interested in what the Bible states and what Jesus taught. F.I.T has no agenda other than teaching what is Biblical. F.I.T does not need to keep a belief simply because “everyone” else does or because its what F.I.T has always believed. The truth is the truth regardless of if we like it or not. Follow In Truth will teach that truth whatever it may be. F.I.T is happy to engage with anyone about our beliefs

Some beliefs of Follow In Truth

Jesus is NOT God. He is the Christ, the promised Messiah, the son of God and nobody comes to the father but through him.

Hell is not a literal place but the state of being dead. Follow In truth does not believe in Eternal conscious punishment (F.I.T does believe in an eternal punishment)

The KJV is the ONLY ENGLISH version that Follow In truth teaches from. (other versions are only used to prove the KJV)….Follow In Truth is NOT KJV only.

Tithing, Speaking in Tongues, water baptism and many other “church” teachings are not taught by Follow In Truth. We do not deny ANY of them as being biblical, however we do not believe they are either part of the church today or completely misrepresented and incorrectly taught by the church.

I do NOT claim to be a prophet or even some magical connection with God. I simply study. I do not teach that I am somehow infallible. All the information on this website is exactly that…information. It is there for YOU to analyze. If you reject it. That is up to you. I will not be offended. However I hope you reject it because you have studied it and found the information incorrect. Not simply because you have been told it is or its what you have always believed.