Would you like to donate to Follow In Truth?

All the information on this website is free of charge. You can study it, copy it and you can use it as you see fit.
Here at Follow In truth I do not ask for donations although I will accept them in certain circumstances.
Follow In Truth does not believe in or teach tithing. If you wish to donate to Follow In Truth then please do not do so if you are using it as a tithe or part of your tithing.  Giving to the kingdom does NOT and I repeat and stress giving to the kingdom does NOT mean donating to this or any other website. If you have a conviction to give money for personal reasons or for tithing purposes please go and buy a local homeless person some food or clothing, give to a shelter, help a poor family with children buy a birthday present for those children….you get the idea.

Please ONLY donate to Follow In Truth if you believe in what is being said on this website and simply wish to help spread the real truth of the gospel.

In order that you must consciously make this choice there is no DONATE button. If you wish to donate you will have to make the effort and actually contact Follow In Truth and ask us how.